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How to Import Songs from Apple Music to Garageband

I need Logic for the control over my plugins, quick workflows, etc… but I also need a light and efficient way to make small edits on the go.

Testing the First Project

I am constantly moving around between a busy schedule of public school, private lessons, concerts, gigs, and other miscellaneous commitments. It is nearly impossible to get any editing done on a Mac alone.

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The iPad is the perfect platform for this. Press the wake button, launch the app, and make a couple of quick cuts. There has not been a great way to work with Logic projects on the iPad, at least until this recent feature announcement. Here is how I ran my first test of this feature. I created a Logic file on my Mac and added some software instrument tracks and audio tracks.


I tried two audio tracks and two software instrument tracks for the first test. I wanted to keep it simple for the OS to handle and simple for me to keep track of how precisely it was syncing my edits or not. Ok, so this is where things get weird.

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In my book, Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers , I ponder why iCloud Drive does so little to compete with file services such as Dropbox, which has been simpler, more intuitive, and more reliable since the start. It is still weird to me that iCloud Drive has container folders within itself that are app specific.

[Solved] How to Use Apple Music Songs on GarageBand

It seems to me that this is an unwelcome abstraction for users who are accustomed to putting files in whatever folder they want. You can do this in iCloud Drive, by the way, but then the counterpart apps on iOS do not practice the syncing the same way. However, if you save it somewhere else in the iCloud Drive folder, it will not appear in the file viewer on iPad.

I wrote more precisely and clearly on this topic a few years back.

Things get murkier when you consider that iCloud Drive has two GarageBand folders. One for iOS and one for macOS. I get why they did this. Projects made on an iPad and shared with an iPhone are automatically saved to the iOS folder which makes that process less convoluted. And the same is true of two Macs working on the same project that was started on macOS.

Setup and User Interface

Mac projects have to do some prep work to get files ready for iOS so it is important to make the distinction. This does not even include the local GarageBand folder that is stored within the Music folder on the computer's hard drive.

How to manually update iCloud Music Library

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This will create a shortcut folder on your desktop for Mobile Documents. Now drag and drop this shortcut folder your your finder favorites area as usual and it should work. Go to iOS device settings. Now open Garageband.

You should be on the big screen showing all your files. Press EDIT on the top right. This will make all the files shake.

Testing the First Project

GarageBand for Mac adds two-way syncing with iOS devices for any song. You can add tracks on your iPad or iPhone, then bounce back to Mac. You can also import a GarageBand for iOS song using iTunes. When you reopen the project in Logic Pro or GarageBand for Mac, the new . If changes made on multiple devices are out of sync, a copy of the song with the.

Tap once on the Garageband file or files you want to send to iCloud. Then tap the little cloud symbol near the delete bin in the top left of the screen. The iOS Garageband file will now be uploaded to icloud. Do not delete the iOS Garageband file yet. Now we need to get the IOS garageband file onto our Mac.

Share songs with GarageBand for iPad

This is the big problem, because Apple is Apple. Garageband on the Mac does not have iCloud functionality…at all. The key to all this will be a folder called Mobile Documents. This magic folder is only created when you use iCloud on your Mac. So we need to:. Activate iCloud on the Mac. With the latest update to GarageBand for iOS , a slew of new features were added.

Users can now create jam sessions, share songs using Facebook, and send songs to iCloud.

How to manually update iCloud Music Library

While jam sessions and sharing your latest song on Facebook are both great new features, iCloud is proving to be the most useful. By sending your songs or projects to iCloud, you can easily back up and share songs between iOS devices. If you start a project on your iPhone and want to finish editing it on your iPad, send it to iCloud and watch as it magically appears on all of your iOS devices.

To get started, you will need to make sure iCloud is turned on in GarageBand.

Copy or Backup GarageBand iPhone/iPad Projects to a PC Using iTunes

When you want to send a song to iCloud, tap on the Edit button and select a song or songs. With iCloud enabled in the app, you will now see an iCloud icon along the top bar. Tapping on the iCloud icon will bring up a prompt, asking if you want to send the song s to iCloud.

Send a song to iTunes