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As you may have guessed, we're rather big fans of Apple computers here at Macworld. From the pristine beautify of the new iMac with Retina. Apple computers cost a lot more than some PCs, but they're worth their is a benefit that will actually get better the longer you have your Mac.

However for home use I switched to an iMac about a year ago. Surprisingly the reason for the change was believe it or no related to cost. How can that be you say when comparing the two the Apple products are close to twice as expensive as PCs? Over the last 6 years I have gone through 4 Windows based machines.

Every one of them started to slow down after about 6 months due to the garbage that infects Windows machines. I also started seeing the infamous Blue Screen of Death which would often wipe out hours of work. One unit had a screen failure. I tried various anti malware and anti virus programs which while running in the background would slow the machine down to a snails pace After much research I ended up purchasing a refurbished iMacabout a year ago. To date I have never seen a blue screen of death, or suffered a crash, the iMac is as fast today as the day I purchased it, actually it is faster since I upgraded the memory from 8 to 24Mb.

Cost-wise based on my experience so far, I will have this machine for at least 8 years, based on my previous PC experience I would have purchased 6 Windows based machines. One Mac is a lot less expensive than 5 or 6 Windows based PCs. The one precaution that I do have to mention is the fact that if you have been or are using a Windows based machine you have to go through about a one month learning curve to transition to the Mac.

Other than that the choice is a no-brainer. Hello Chandira G, Macs are faster, easier and much better than Windows. You see, not only the hardware is good, but the operating system is also very good.

Aside from a few catty comments from Bill Gates, the world's richest company - a corporation renowned for bullying its competitors - has meekly rolled with the punches. So, in light of Microsoft's total lack of response, PC Pro has stepped in to defend the Windows corner.

We've got 32 solid reasons why the PC is better than the Mac, ranging from the over-inflated price tag on Apple's hardware to the under-valued ability to build your own PC from scratch. And we demolish the vast majority of the spurious claims made by Apple's ad gurus in the process. Of course, PC Pro isn't immune to the Mac's charms.

As recently as four months ago, we gave an Apple MacBook one of our much-coveted Recommended awards. So to prove we're not PC bigots, we've invited our colleagues from MacUser magazine to offer ten reasons why the Mac is superior. We've also provided an in-depth guide to running Windows on a Mac, allowing you to reap the benefits of both platforms.

He should have asked what device would be the best choice to get the work done.

Is it time to swap your Mac for a Windows laptop? | Technology | The Guardian

With more and more people are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Mac OS X is just another PC operating system alongside Windows and Linux. Thus it is the user that gets the virus on it, mac users tend not to want to mess with preferences.

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I think that Windows PC were so much more mainstream. That is why their security was exploited more. You had a much larger target. The second part there was much more software available for the Windows OS. Lastly the Mac systems tended to be more costly. Those differences have faded over the years and are harder to distinguish.

Mac vs PC comparison with a test

I still tend to see many more corporate environments using the Windows platform. Also, with some work you can get macOS to run on a PC Maybe this guy is confused. If you're a casual computer user emails, bills, word, shopping, powerpoint, etc cheap macbooks are your best bet in my opinion. For years I swore by Dell laptops only because "Macs are too expensive". After listening to my Apple-cheerleader-friends, I took a chance on a Macbook back in and never looked back.

Let's face it: Windows PCs are now just better -- and cooler -- than Macs

Just recently had to replace it battery failed and was too expensive to replace, wasn't worth it in a 9 year old machine. Below are reasons: -Never had to reformat the Mac once in 9 years. Ran like a new machine to its very last day just slow on startup. Every PC I had: I had to reformat at least twice because they slowed to a hault and were nearly unusable.

No more buying a security update anually. On my PCs I would always go through a lengthy installation process. With the macbook, I plugged a rickety old HP printer in and in 30 seconds, an icon appeared in my dock which was a picture of the exact printer with model and a message pop up that said "found HP printer, ready to print". Bottom line, you will pay more for an Apple product, but you get what you pay for: a low-maintenance very reliable machine. In I purchased a Macbook Pro a product. At the beginning of my problems began. First I changed the keyboard, thinking a small water spill might have caused damage to the keyboard.

It turned out the keyboard needed cleaning but was otherwise not damaged. The price for cleaning was slightly higher than a new keyboard, so I opted for a new keyboard and asked for the old one back, but it would have cost too much why I left it. A couple of months later, I brought the computer back to the auctorized MAC dealer.

I had problems with the image and I could not see films. The motherboard was exchanged based on Apple's prolonged warranty. That solved some of the problems the video but problems continued occasionally with the screen. I took the computer back again.

PC vs. Mac: The Big Debate

This time the hard disk was exchanged. As with the motherboard, this was decided when I left the computer in the store, and described the problems I was having. Problems presisted and I again brought the computer in. This time they kept the computer. When they did not call me back as they said, I went to the store and asked them to give me my computer.

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They asked if I was not interested in selling the computer, and told me they did not know what the problem was. They kept the computer, found that the hard disk was again broken and one RAM was lose. They charged me nothing, and wrote a note to the auctorized Mac service provider that my hard disk should be exchanged for free. I went straight to the service provider where they now echanged the hard disk while I was waiting. They kept the computer then told me the hard disk was broken and needed to be changed. The two RAMs were also broken and need to be exchanged. This was in last November.

I let them do it.

Problems persisted, but and an Apple person tried to help me online wanting to rule out a software problem I presume. They kept the computer, called me back and told me that my 1,3 year old motherboard was kaputt! I don't dare to pay for a new motherboard only to have problems continuing.

macOS vs. Windows: Which OS Really Is the Best?

It has been expensive and has taken me a lot of time. As per my Apple online contact, the parts are not under warranty as long as they have survived 3 months. Also, he said the parts were independent from each other. They were individually "bad" and a fault in one had nothing to do with the fault in another one.

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I am of course wondering if this really is normal? Also, I have an ipad, and when I am now considering buying a new computer, I wonder if I should revert back to a PC or stick with Mac because of my Ipad? I have had no problems with viruses with the Mac unlike with my previous PCs. I treat my computers normally as a freelance translator, took my first computer programming course in and my first computer was a Mac SE. This is just to tell you that I don't sling my computer across my shoulder or otherwise treat it badly.

Any advice is greatfully recieved. Money never lies. Look at how much better Apple is doing than Microsoft. And look at how much better Google is doing than Apple.

Are you now going to rush out and get a Google phone and a Chromebook?