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How to fix a broken Mac keyboard
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Select the troublesome app and click the Force Quit button to kill it. You can click the little yellow dash button in the upper-left corner of a window to minimize it, but it might be easier to just hit Command-M to minimize the active window on your Mac. If you have multiple windows open of the same app, you can hit Command-Option-M to minimize all of them.

When you use the volume, screen brightness or keyboard backlight brightness keys, you have 16 levels from which to choose. For finer control, hold down Shift-Option when adjusting volume or brightness. Each of the little blocks you see on the onscreen menu is sliced into quarters when you hold down Shift-Option for a total of 64 volume or brightness steps so you can get your levels just right. You likely use Do Not Disturb on your iPhone to silence alerts during certain times of your day or night. Do Not Disturb is oddly hidden in Notification Center. You need to click the Notification Center icon in the upper-right corner of your Mac and then scroll down a bit to reveal the Do Not Disturb toggle switch at the top.

You can reduce this click-swipe-click process to a single click by employing the Option key. Just hold down the Option key when you click the Notification Center icon.

You can use the Option key with other menu bar items to access different or expanded menus. Option-click the volume icon and you'll get a menu that allows you to change the input source or output device. For the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons, Option-click reveals more in-depth information about your network and connected devices, respectively.

The Option key also works with third-party menu bar icons. Option-click the Dropbox icon, for example, and you can see how much of your storage allotment you have used.

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On the other side of the menu bar, in the upper-left corner of your Mac, sits the Apple icon. Its menu lets you restart or shut down your Mac and view system information. If you press the Option key when the menu is visible, you'll notice the dots disappear from Restart, Shut Down and Log Out commands. No dots means the confirmation step is removed, so you can perform any of the three commands in one fell swoop.

2015 MacBook Backspace Key Sticking

The other change you'll see when you hold down the Option button here is the About This Mac changes to System Information. When you click About This Mac, you open a small window that shows an overview of your system.

How to fix MacBook Pro/Air keyboard not working keys - easy steps - problem fixed

It also features a button labeled System Report that opens a second window with more detailed information about your hardware, software and network. With the Option key held down, the System Information menu item lets you bypass the overview page about your Mac and go directly to the system report. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 1 year, 6 months ago.

Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed times. Using the keyboard viewer, I can tell all the other keys are fine: What's odd is if I disconnect and reconnect the USB receiver the viewer shows the backspace key like it's stuck.

How to forward delete on a Macbook

I'm considering treating this as a challenge to improve my typing and spelling :. Because it's happening on 2 different machines iMac and MBP , it appears to be a hardware issue with the keyboard. I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's a Basic Customer Support question.

Please see the meta post linked above for details on how to proceed if you can edit the post and, if put on Hold, have the Hold reviewed. I agree that it's probably a hardware failure, but I don't think that there's enough evidence to close it. I opened it because of several related software questions. Just clear the number pad and it will start working.

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