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Photoshop Cs5 Shortcut Keys

If you click between two characters you change the Kerning. Quickly change the distance between selected lines. Easy way to use one text layer but have different positions for the text. Great way to fill color into selections or change the color of text and vector shape layers. Instead of canceling a dialog box and returning to it try Reset and save time and effort.

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This will change the opacity and fill of the selected layer or even more than one layer at the same time in CS5 and it will change opacity and fill of the tool if you select a drawing tool. This is a fast way to invert visible parts of a layer if you invert the colors of the layer mask. Hit Caps Lock. If you don't want to see the edges of the brush you can switch to precise mode easily by having Caps lock on.

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If you want to start with the default settings and user interface hold down these buttons while Photoshop is loading. Great way to clean up the mask after you save it from a selection.

Shortcuts for Layer Opacity in Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop CS5 sports a hefty tool count of 71 in the Extended version a few less in the Standard version. View all payment methods. Topics: Photoshop Tips. You probably should create a new topic and give more details OS version, exact version of Photoshop, troubleshooting steps you've tried, etc. Fast way to switch between the selected color. If you select a word, a line or a whole paragraph then you change the Tracking.

Using it again will switch back to normal view again. You can quickly show the original contents of the layer with this keyboard shortcut. Using it again will enable the mask again.

The Essential Layers Shortcuts

Easy way to keep only a specific part of a selection. If you want to keep all your layers but you also need to merge them together to be able to use something you can convert them all into one Smart object or use this keyboard shortcut to make a duplicate merged layer.

India United States. Portfolio View Portfolio Few of our mesmerizing designs. Whois Check domain name availability. The Brush tool, however, does have an Opacity option, so using these keyboard shortcuts will only change the Brush opacity. The keyboard shortcuts can work in either scenario, but if you want to change the layer opacity, you must consider which tool is currently active.

Shortcuts for Layer Opacity in Adobe Photoshop By Linda Sattgast Opacity seems like a pretty simple subject, but there are some opacity shortcuts that will speed up your workflow and also one caveat to watch out for. Opacity Shortcuts My favorite opacity shortcut, however, involves the numbers on my keyboard.

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If you disable the OpenGL functionality, it seems all the stability comes back to the product. But I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your training series. The way you teach is right inline with my learning style. Keep up the great work.

Solution 1: Restore Photoshop preferences

Providing this download to the Deke. I will use these keys, but I will still buy your new book as soon as Colleen makes it available. Does this mean my 16 bit prophoto file gets diminished into 8bit sRGB when I use it??

Since they quote you as a rave review, and you offered it in the winnings from the countdown you just finished, I thought you might know something I am missing. I see most people raving about all the complex files they are using with this new software. I downloaded the trial version before I knew about this. Any info.

Photoshop 2018: No default keyboard shortcuts

I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog. It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. If only I had your writing ability I look forward to more updates and will be returning. Image Editing Service. Adobe allows for extensive hotkey customization under the headings of a Application Menus b Panel Menus and c Tools. I am not bugging Deke but you are bugging me.

Any help? Did it also get axed for the release of CS5? CS5 is really nicely done by Adobe. Unique and very useful products for all creative designers. I have downloaded the file. I just got a new Wacom Intuos 4 to replace the one I bought like 10 years ago. I have to buy the Art Brush for that! But I was thinking, I know dangerous, that I could create a shortcut to change the Angle value of the Bristle Qualities on the Brush panel. Then program that shortcut into the Touch Ring and it might just give me what I need for the few times I use the fancy new brushes.

So I am hoping that the great and all knowing Deke would know how to do this. Too much brown nosing? Yeah OK maybe! Dear deke Please make a top professional video like or better than photoshop top secret! Most of your tuturials are about using photoshop. Please make real life high professional projects better than photoshop top secret that I am sure you are better than monaciardini!

I have tried to download your dekeKeys PsCS5 1on1. Hello, I joined your website for one main purpose, and that is to thank you. Thank you so much for being such a great instructor and by doing so in such a friendly and enjoyable manner. I could only have wished that my instructors in college were as good as you, all those years ago! Can you download the zip file now?

Change Channel Shortcuts in Photoshop CS5

I just tried it and am experiencing no problems. CS5 on the Mac does have an issue with suddenly going slightly inactive after certain operations, which may explain why creating a new file and returning to the Hair image helped. Just your standard everyday average TIFF file. How wrong can I be? Yes, painted white. Brush paints white. I am having a challenge trying to get some of the steps in some of the procedures to work correctly.

The Essential Layers Shortcuts

Selecting. Draw Marquee from Center, Option-Marquee. Add to a Selection, Shift. Subtract from a Selection, Option. Intersection with a Selection, Shift-Option. New. Cmd+N. Open. Cmd+O. Browse in Bridge. Opt+Cmd+O. Close. Cmd+W. Save. Cmd+S. Save As. Sh+Cmd+S. Save for Web. Opt+Sh+Cmd+S. Print. Cmd+ .

It could very well be me, but I want to make sure of that! This is probably not the correct place, but please help! I want it all from the Smart Object: the ability to return to Camera Raw and the ability to use toolbar functionality. Just bought the book and it is great! Lots to learn.