Best budgeting apps for mac 2014

5 free budget and personal finance apps for everyone

The thing is, tracking money is kinda fun.

The best app for managing personal finances and budgets

Seeing where your money goes gives you the power to catch needless spending and increase savings. More unpoof. Your smartphone — the device you rarely part from — is the perfect tool to do the heavy lifting for you.

Budget, Bills & Credit Score

Taylor T MoneyWorks is also generally very good at representing complex business data in graphs and produces custom reports via the MoneyWorks Gold report writer. November 15th, 9 Comments. They must have bugs in the system especially if you try to connect with two account of the same bank, which I believe many married couples do. Learn how your comment data is processed.

How to Make a Budget. I say it works.

Food for thought

HEY Part Two: If you love apps, take a peek at 5 Free grocery apps that save you time and money. One of the worst things about tracking expenses is entering transactions into your budget. Data entry is tedious. Another unique transaction feature is the ability to photograph your receipts to update your spending and expenses. Poof, data entry be gone. Worried about hackers hacking your financial data?

Those with accounting or business backgrounds may find Wally reports a little too basic though. Bottom Line: Wally is a free app without ads for iOS users. An Android version is in the works. With Wally you can build custom budgeting categories, set daily reminders to update fixed and variable spending, and update transactions in unique ways.

Wally supports all currencies. Spendee is a very simple budgeting tool, plain and simple. With Spendee you can organize expenses by set categories, such as: Categories are not customizable, so forget creating something specific to your lifestyle.

Spendee helps you see where your money is going without any distracting bells and whistles. The app offers limited data export to a CSV or Excel file, so you can take your data with you to another app if you require more functionality in the future. Mint tracks spending, budgets income, and helps you set financial goals all with an attractive interface.

The real differentiator with Mint is how the app automatically tracks transactions by integrating with your online bank accounts and syncing your data into its own servers. The problem? In order to sync with your bank, Mint requires your bank card numbers and online banking passwords. Also, your money may not be protected if Mint were to get hacked.

TD Canada does not support Mint. It might also make you stop breathing because this important bit is one-freaking-sentence-long. You are also responsible for any Losses that result from any use by a third party of your Bank Card or User ID and your Passwords or Personal Verification Questions, including, without limitation, use by a service provider that provides an online account aggregation service, which retrieves, consolidates and presents your Accounts for the sole purpose of allowing you to view your Accounts in one place, that you authorized contrary to Section 7 to use your Bank Card or User ID and your Passwords or Personal Verification Questions.

Check out Mint. Odd looking cartoon characters offer words of encouragement as you enter your financials into the Toshl Finance app. Toshl is a cloud-based personal finance app that boasts middle-of-the-road budgeting features where you manually enter all transactions. Quirky graphics may be fun for some, annoying for others. The free version offers very basic budgeting and reporting tools for use with only one budget.

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  • 2. Spendee — iOS, Android.

Financial collaboration is totally possible, people. Google Drive syncs automatically into the Google cloud, so you can edit your files from anywhere — a browser, a desktop computer, or across all your mobile devices. Tired of tracking a stack of receipts? Scan and save them to Drive, and find them through search later. Google Drive offers support for budget spreadsheets across platforms and devices. Recommended for purists who like cells, columns, and rows. Great for financial collaboration with a partner. Share away in the comments!

The more budgeters who chime in the better.

Our Best Picks

Mint is the free money management and financial tracker app that helps you get ahead and stay ahead. We bring together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments in one place. MintSights can unlock exclusive money-saving insights based on your real financial information. Mint gives you a more complete picture of your financial life by bringing everything together: Convenient notifications keep you on top of your spending, account balances, and more.

5 free budget and personal finance apps for everyone - Squawkfox

Get a quick view of your financial health both on-the-go and on desktop at mint. See more here: Wherever you are in life, whatever you do, Intuit can help you save money and simplify the business of life. To learn how Intuit works to protect your privacy, please visit https: Account balances may not immediately reflect recent transactions. Mint currently connects to US and Canadian financial institutions only.

1. Wally — iOS

Dec 23, There are many options (and opinions) when it comes to budgeting apps for Mac users. We've put many of them through the ringer and believe. Nov 5, The best budget apps for iPhone to help you spend smarter, save faster, and get Budgeting may not sound sexy, but it's what lets us afford all the truly sexy things we love, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs! 5 Nov

Mint lets me pull in several accounts and credit cards and see everything all together. There are 2 things that bother me.

Banktivity 6

First, it has a great feature for budgeting that allows you to carry over unused funds from month to month. There is one restaurant I frequent that always seems to get categorized as a hotel. I have changed the categorization about times. If they would fix these 2 small things, the app would be perfect for me. I love nearly everything about this app. I love seeing all of my information displayed and the overall look and ease of the app. However, I wish they would fix some of the issues they have with the banks and credit unions.

When I first connected with them I had no issues then it duplicated most of my accounts. Now I have a few credit union accounts that show all savings, checkings and loans twice. They also said if I deleted the account then I would lose all of my history it has collected. I opted to just hide my duplicate accounts since at that time I had several months of data I would lose and now I would have several years of data I would lose if I were to do it now.

You can acknowledge your mistakes by comparing the past, current or projected projects. Through Banktivity cloud sync, you can sync your banktivity files on more than one device for free to get access to them whenever you want to. The app effortless manages your transactions, allowing control over the budgets, stock portfolios, etc. MoneyWiz 2 allows you to efficiently control all your financial transactions, making this budget software a top choice among all the personal finance software for Mac.

This finance software allows you to import the data from other apps and ensures a smooth run due to its sleek and sturdy interface. MoneyWiz automatically monitors your financial transactions and assigns them in the needed budgets and build custom reports based what you acknowledge regarding your money. Make your transaction entry to be fast with the software. The finance software is helpful in budget tracking and protects your data with a PIN which can be set for a particular time period.

7 Best Personal Finance Software for Mac and iPhone

With this budget software, you can easily reconcile your accounts with the bank statements for eliminating any disparities and getting the extra help to keep the accounts in shape. Create a new transaction in a matter of seconds and save the locations of the places where you go often, helping you to record the expenses easily.

Get clean and crisp reports along with Split categories, pending transactions, transaction export, file attachments with sync , transaction tags. Moneydance is one of the best personal finance software for Mac handling multiple currencies and doing any financial task virtually with ease. This Mac Budget Software has more reporting options than the majority of other software inherits; giving you centralized access to all the data related to your financial transactions.

Follow your investments and focus more on your portfolio through the software. Never miss a payment by scheduling for single or recurring transactions. Send online payments quickly and attach images, PDFs, and other such files to transactions.

It learns how to categorize the downloaded transactions automatically. Create and control your budget like a breeze also ensures the inflow as well as the outflow of money through Moneydance.