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Release Date June 18, The Star Room. Bird Call. Objects In The Mirror. Red Dot Music. Listen: YouTube. Some of the best rap ever to come out of the Midwest, or anywhere for that matter. True poetry that invigorates. Rap-heads tend to unanimously agree that Lauryn Hill was one of the best ever to clutch the mic, and I agree. Her rhymes hit you square in the soul. This album sounds like New York City. It captures the spirit of the city in a way few other albums have. DOOM arguably innovated an entirely new sub-genre of rap—a cartoonish, comic book-ish realm of silly-yet-serious alter egos and general mystique.

This album was where it all began. Say a prayer before listening.

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Someone Like You Lyrics: Someone like, someone like / Someone like, someone Number 14 on Mac's 2nd album “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” This. Mac Miller's Most Memorable Lyrics. All The Mac Miller References On Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next' . Someone Like You Lyrics. K.

The best word I can think of to describe this album: spiritual. His energy here is so raw, honest, savage, frustrated, cutting.

Jk, but rly, this. The two MCs met in prison where they both seemingly went through Malcolm X-esque transformations to become razor-tongued preachers of the good word of hip-hop. Not even trying to be funny or anything—these guys reinvented themselves, got free, and started speaking their truth clearly and movingly. Track one will have you bobbing along and thirsty for more. My second-favorite Eminem album. Few humans in history have ever channeled their emotional worlds into art ifacts as vividly and movingly as this man. I had to include one more vintage masterpiece from Del.

I love the man. Vordul Mega and Vast Aire, the two rappers who make up Cannibal Ox, are known for their dense subject matter and grimy, abrasive vocals and soundscapes that are quintessential of East Coast hip-hop. Yoni Wolf , and Odd Nosdam.

Aesop Rock. Need I say more? KOOL A.

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A nerdy white dude who basks in his own nerdiness, Paul is just beautifully different. Much love. This project is certainly legendary and is arguably MF DOOM at his absolute best, which is probably in no small part due to his working with Madlib, one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time. Bottled creativity. Kanye motherfucking West. An album every rap fan needs to explore. I mentioned Yoni Wolf a bit earlier.

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This is Why? I love every song on it. Deal with it. Lil Wayne is one of the best ever to do it, and on this album he was truly in his prime. His iconic voice, flow, and whimsical lyrics are still fresh and satisfying 13 years later. Rapper Blu and the producer Exile came together in a way that seemed predestined and synthesized some kind of sublime alchemical smoothness.

A bona fide classic. All three are distinct and wonderful in their own ways. My second-favorite Why? The dude has been so consistent over the years, putting out clever, goofy bars over breezy beats and making some of the best weed rap the world has ever known. Fuck, this album means so much to me. This is an album full of utter anthems for lonely angsty young humans.

A couple years after its release I saw Kid Cudi live in Lincoln, Nebraska, and it was the best concert of my life to date. Damn, this brings back memories of walking around on my university campus on a bright sunny day feeling groovy about life and everything.

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Chiddy Bang is one of the most phenomenal hip-hop duos to do it in the last decade. Ridiculously unique beats combined with uplifting, punchy flows. Fuck, this tape was so, so good. Takes me straight back to my later years of college when I was living in a rather wild party house with a few friends. We bumped this shit religiously. Cherish it. Das Racist, like other acts listed here, was something totally different that rap had never seen before. Das Racist was at once a pop-cultural blender, a parody of everything, a parody of itself, a medium for spiritual wisdom, a critique of capitalism, a critical-race-theory project, the first self-consciously postmodern rap music probably?

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Das Racist forever. Just dive into it, read about it, do whatever you have to do to make sense of it, love it. Ah, yessss, Open Mike Eagle makes his first but far from last appearance on this list. Had to throw this classic on the list. When I think of weed rap, this is probably the first tape that comes to mind. The beats are hypnotically chill, and his lyrics are encouraging, soothing, humorous, and generally badass. God damn, this album was such a masterpiece.

Definitely one of the most ambitious rap albums of all time, it often sounds like an entire symphony orchestra was used to produce these beats. SoulChef brings me straight back to my college days. Unlike a lot of the weed rap I was listening to in those days, SoulChef was bringing something that spoke to my spiritual depths.

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In typical Mike fashion, the project is an array of eccentric conceptual tracks with a healthy dose of wittiness, social criticism, and philosophizing. Only Mike Eagle could make this music. Finally, milo, perhaps my favorite rapper. The album can be seen as a tribute to Rob. He sounds kind of like a combination of Danny Brown, Kool Keith, and some kind of deranged cyberpunk cult leader, in the best way possible.