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How to change the screen resolution on your Mac
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How to make the text larger in Mac OS X. Areas in this guide: Change the screen resolution Change the font size for files and folders Note: The following abbreviations for keys on the Mac are used: Ctrl is used for the Control key, Apple is used for the Command key, and Alt is used for the Option key. Share this page.

Video how to guide Text version. Download the Adobe Flash player. Change the screen resolution.

Local Navigation

Step 1: Open the 'Displays' window Make sure you are in 'Finder'. Step 2: Change the display settings Make sure the ' Display ' tab is selected, as shown in Fig 3. Fig 3 To make text appear bigger on the screen, you can change your display to a lower resolution. Change the font size for files and folders. Step 1: Change the text size of files and folders on your desktop Make sure you are in 'Finder'.

Even more resolutions

system_profiler SPDisplaysDataType | grep Resolution. Typically Mac users will retrieve the screen resolution of connected displays through the Displays system preference panel in OS X. There's.

Fig 1 Click on the drop-down button next to ' Text size ' and choose a font size up to 16pt there's no keyboard shortcut. Fig 3 Click on the drop-down button next to ' Text size ' and choose a font size up to 16pt there's no keyboard shortcut.

Things to be aware of

More ways to: Make your text larger. To use a real world example, we record our Premium tutorial videos in HD, and these are screen-captured at the monitor resolution and aspect ratio on a Mac and edited and resized to HD p. To get the captures we need we have to be able to set a non-standard resolution to make the aspect ratio correct.

In our case this is x The settings are there, but they are actually hidden most of the time, only to be revealed when you press and hold the Option key while accessing the display preferences.


You may find you need to quit out of the Display Prefs and come back into them holding the Option key to see the full list of resolutions. Use the Detect Displays button revealed when you press Option to find the new displays and set their preferences. Using USB 3. You can also adjust your screen brightness by dragging the brightness control bar. And if you check in the box to Automatically adjust brightness, it will be adjusted by itself automatically.

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Switching Screen Resolutions on Mac OS X

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The system_profiler command and syntax is:

How can I find out the current resolution the screen is running at, in OS X The Displays pane of System Preferences offers a choice of display resolutions. Move to right: increase horizontal back porch and decrease horizontal front porch. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Glorfindel 1, 6 6 gold badges 13 13 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges.