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It also doesn't fullscreen on my nexus. Splashtop creates the controller device, windows recognizes it. But it doesn't seem to actually transmit any information. No button presses or stick movements will make it work. Very frustrating. Philbert, I had that problem as well temporarily, and for me I think it was because I was fiddling with registry permissions.

Le code d'erreur 8015D002 survient quand vous tentez de vous connecter à Xbox Live

So I tried splashtop THD instead of splashtop 2, and it is almost perfect Analogs work properly, seems to run more smoothly with less lag. Any button presses on my controller seem to register both the corresponding button, as well as an unknown keyboard keystroke that causes camera issues in most games.


So close The controller isnt working for me at all I have tried reinstalling Splashtop THD on my android device and Splashtop Streamer on my pc driver also multiple times. Controller isnt registering at all. Another Transformer owner here with no success with a controller. This time with a TFT. Perhaps it has something to do with having to use the USB port on the keyboard.

No buttons register in xbox controller properties. It looks like it connects perfectly I can see the gamepad added in my computer, and the gamepad works on my tablet , except the gamepad is not linked to the windows one, I it recognize as the tablet buttons This worked fan-freaking-tastic for me. Connected to a Windows 7 box via Splashtop personal using my Lenovo Miix 2 with a wired Xbox controller attached to the tablet.


Setup Instructions To get setup with your Stratus XL for Windows and Android, please follow the provided steps: Place the AA batteries inside battery compartment located of the underside of the controller. Should I re install? I want to be able to use the PS3 controller as a mouse to open files and close windows etc. All DS3 buttons work the same way as the Shield controller in xinput mode. That is, one of the little circles on the calibration screen.

No real issues here. Same issues others have posted: controller works in Android, and the controller is recognized in the target PC but no input commands are being registered. I have another windows PC that I have successfully used to stream with a controller, so I believe the driver is installed correctly. Analog sticks truly work as analog input. As the 2 buttons are not supported, I am often forced to use up one of the working buttons to switch between Key Bind Layout Profiles. If so, I may be willing to pay it so long as all buttons are supported Second, with the THD version, is Splashtop aware of the 2 buttons that are not functioning with my current configuration?

If so, are there any plans for an update to correct for this? Unlike many that simply use the free version of Splashtop around the house, those of us that are using the Gamepad THD edition have paid for this application. Understandably, the on screen gamepad itself seems to work well enough minus some compatibility or smoothness of some features.

Seeing that Splashtop is able to support the XBOX controller specifically, we had hoped to use all of the buttons on it. I have not seen one new game added to this list since I first bought the app. Has this function been abandoned? I understand that we can create our own layouts, but if this is the case is there a way to release an update that removes this option to also remove expectations that new game support will be added? Also, so far it seems that the Skyrim profile is the only one that works relatively well with the trackpad or mouse in most games as the games are designed to lock the mouse to the center of the screen, yahda yahda.

Is there any plan to allow customization of profiles with this feature also enabled. I mean, I love that I can setup my own profile on the screen, but if I want to use the mouse, I have to use the Skyrim layout. This may sound nit-picky, but just a feature of customization that I would love to see implemented. Last thought.

Could there also be a toggle button to lock the android cursor to the center of the screen? That may be a question for Android As it is, I drag my mouse ever so far and then I can't turn any further.

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I have to quickly turn all the way around in the other direction as my android mouse has hit the edge of the screen and thus Splashtop no longer recognizes that my mouse is moving in that direction. One note about the THD edition I forgot to mention. In order for the controller to work at all, the app has to be set into Gamepad Mode you can disable to visuals on screen if you like and each profile works a little differently.

I've found that the Skyrim profile gives me the most functionality. Does anyone know if this will work with the nvidia sheild?

I will add these. Even if the PS3 pad only works alone, it still counts as working. I have a Mayflash wireless PS3 adapter and it works great but it only in xinput mode with a single controller at a time.

I can't believe i forgot to try my biggest joystick on Shield TV. Some questions. Added a Incompatible section. Currently trying to find all my adapters which is stuffed away. Added 4 more adapters. Adapters have a common issue. They partially works, but most buttons acts as same button. Edit: Found the proper names for the 2 "noname" adapters. Gamepad issues on Gamestream? Read this. I also have a compatibility list for Steam Link here. This is mainly for native game compatibility.

Manual (EN)

Shield TV Compatible Gamepads. Also have Mouse mode.

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